more than 200 people attended the funeral and £940 were raised for the charity

Ali Lochhead | - 07 September

Lots of Love to all Rog's family and friends. Such an amazing guy -I've been trying to write a tribute for a few days but I can't manage yet.
Big hugs.
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Sally O'Donnell - 05 September 2019

Thanks for this site!
So lovely to see photos of Roger. I knew him since approx late 80's/90's when he did dance classes at Jackson's Lane and maybe The Drill Hall. He was kind in so many ways ...also helping install part of my kitchen.
Thanks + RIP!
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Gabriella, the niece - 04 September

My uncle Roger was one of the most charitable, kind and positive people I have ever met. He was funny and a great joy to be around. He had a natural way of uplifting everyone around him and was a genuinely lovely person. Speaking to people since, it is evident how many people he and his mind managed to touch. My mother, Christa, Roger's sister, has often shared fond memories of her childhood spent with Roger. He refused to dwell in the past, his way was, to look forward, to the future. My Uncle told Christa that he could never remember his childhood which is shame because she always wanted to know why he nicknamed her Bisto, after that appalling brown sludge we called gravy as kids. Maybe she reminded him of the Bisto Kid. Yet Roger had that rare habit of maintaining contact with his school friends, establishing and maintaining a personal relationship with each. As evidenced here he had a wide circle of friends.

Roger was my only uncle, and therefore I valued his presence in my life hugely. At birthdays and Christmas his gifts were always a topic for questions and laughter. Once gifting me maps on my area where I live from 60 years prior. One Easter he gave me a raw egg, not boiled, just an egg straight out of the box. Me and my nana had fun throwing it back and forth, until it smashed. My uncle Roger maintained a very close relationship with his parents, my nana and Papou. He was a crucial member of our family, and it goes without saying that our lives will not be the same without him in it. His quick wit and charm, made Christmas' and Easters a happy event, especially when me and him would have debates about multiple different topics, particularly his "flexitarianism" which i always said didn't exist!

Roger was always on hand to help his loved ones especially his family, even at short notice. An attribute that will always be greatly missed. His building skills were greatly expressed in my Grand-Mother's bathroom and Kitchen. He was often called upon to help Christa, out with a technical hitch or domestic problem, nothing was too much to ask. He drove Christa to Berlin two years ago to help her with an exhibition in 36 degree heat without complaining or loosing his temper. It was an adventure for him.

He himself was not attached to material things. He lived simply and without the need for the trappings of consumer objects. Ridding himself of his car as it was a liability for him, he was often seen cycling around Islington on his bike. He loved his curiously quirky home on Pentonville road and was always dreaming up new incarnations for what he intended to do with it: a roof garden, rooms under the back garden , burrowing under the road and so on. He had a grand scheme in mind for the house and now and it looked like it was really going ahead.

'Time For London', a cafe, a recent venture that was something many of us and some of his friends ever fully understood until now . His work for the Cafe "Time for London" was a highly highly commendable venture and truly reflects the ideals that Roger valued in his life. It is only with his death that his charitable work has come to light. He never boasted about this work but just got on with the job . He stood as a councillor for The Green Party in the last local elections and had worked campaigning for the party for 7 years which reveals his beautiful humble spirit.

Isabel came into his life in 1997 and they married a year later . He embraced her Brazilian cultural heritage loving the music and lifestyle. He went on to participate and excel at Dance, joining the Circus Space learning acrobatics and he revived this interest at the Cafe, holding workshops. He was always at hand to inspire and cajole people into working with him or hold their workshops in the Cafe ante-rooms. His carefree nature and flamboyant personality will be so incredibly missed. Roger was a crucial member of our family, and it goes without saying that our lives will not be the same without him in it.

On behalf of my Nana, Papou, Mum and I would like to thank you all for coming to remember Roger on this very sad but momentous occasion where his memory and positive energy that he always put out will live on within us.
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